Truck Systems Technologies (TST) has seen a doubling in their conversion rate since using Spartan for their online marketing, resulting in 38.7% more sales.








Truck Systems Technologies (TST) came to Spartan in the Summer of 2016. They had recently been acquired by Pressure Systems International and desperately needed online marketing and search engine optimization for their online store.


The website was outdated and needed all three components of SEO, technical, On-page and Off-page – what we at Spartan call holistic SEO. It also became apparent that regular updating of content and social media needed to happen. Additionally, we immediately saw the need to improve the customer journey and the conversion rate of the website.


We tackled the website first. Redesign was absolutely necessary in this case because the current website was so outdated and had so many broken links. At the same time, we never stopped conducting SEO tactics on the domain, content and links. We spent a large majority of the time layering content throughout social media and valid partner linking.


TST has seen a doubling in their conversion rate since using Spartan for their online marketing. A growth of 31% in online traffic over the previous year, resulting in 38.7% more sales online.

Conversion rate after website overhaul increased by 41.11%:

“Spartan SEO was the best company to hire for our situation, we are glad we did it and will continue to use them.”

J. Gravell

Trucking System Technologies

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