Eldorado Dental was a fairly young dental practice when they came to us. We helped them launch a new website and gain 15% search engine visibility in 6 months.







Eldorado Dental was a fairly young dental practice when they came to us for their online marketing strategy. They knew they needed to compete with dentists that had been in their area for more than 25 years and the plan was to get their share of the market online. SEO was the first strategy that they wanted to try, so they hired us to work on getting the website up in the search engine search. At the time that we started, Eldorado Dental had less than 5% of the search engine visibility. This had to improve in order to compete.


The website that we inherited was in poor condition. Buttons didn’t work, there were a lot of different errors, it didn’t address the reason to choose Eldorado over other dentists in the area, basically, it wasn’t much more than an online business card. So we decided to update the website, write a blog weekly that targeted family dental issues, and begin building both organic and social media traffic (mainly Facebook).


Within 3 months of launching the new website, Eldorado Dental began to see new patients come in on a weekly basis that said they found them online. We were able to gain 15% of the search engine visibility after 6 months and now, Eldorado Dental has over 20% of visibility and is expanding to a new, larger location. They have added 8 staff members over the past 2 years and have a full patient roster 95% of the year – hence the reason for expansion.

Search Engine Visibility Trend

Website Update



“You guys rock! Our practice is one of the most successful in all of Santa Fe, thank you for all you have done.”

Haley Richey, DDS

Owner, Eldorado Dental

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